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Study methods

Find out about the Brass Academy's study methods and the aims and content of its teaching.

Students at the Brass Academy share a common ambition to practise their instrument to a high standard. Through the Brass Academy they receive intensive tuition to enhance their learning alongside the weekly tuition they receive in their local music schools.

For older students, the Brass Academy aims to provide additional motivation to continue studying the instrument, encourage them to apply for further studies, and increase their chances of being selected for professional studies. For younger students, the Brass Academy serves as an incentive to continue their ambitious instrumental studies.

In the 2023-2024 school year, the Brass Academy will focus on recruiting new students. Between autumn 2023 and early spring 2024, the Brass Academy will organise a total of six event weekends. During these six weekends, new students will be selected to begin their studies at the Brass Academy in autumn 2024. All young brass students from the local area are welcome to attend the event weekends. Find out more on the Course Programme 2023-2024 page.

Later on, the Brass Academy will organise short teaching periods 7-9 times a year in different locations throughout Finland, inviting local young brass players to attend. During these courses the students will receive individual tuition, participate in group sessions and learn more about the physical and mental well-being of a brass player. Anni Jääskeläinen is the teacher of mental coaching, offering information and various exercises on mental preparation. Find out more about Anni on her company website (in Finnish).

Once the Brass Academy is in full operation, a modest course fee will be charged to students attending the study periods. This will cover the cost of accommodation and meals. Travel costs are primarily the responsibility of the student. However, if necessary, this can be discussed with the organiser. During the application phase the Brass Academy does not cover any of the applicant's expenses.